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The Nap Library

Guides, Reflections, and Resources to help you understand your baby's day sleep journey

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The Nap Library was designed for parents who want to understand naps from a developmental standing point, while continuing to be responsive and supportive of their children's needs. You will have access to more than 10 Guides, plus many other resources.
If your baby is still taking at least two naps per day, this is everything you need (and more!)

What's included in the library

Reflection Prompts

Pause and take sometime to reflect about yourself and your baby.

Download the Guides and Handouts

They are for you to keep.
You will also have access to upcoming updates for as long as  the platform is LIVE.  

Responsive to Your Parenting Values 

There are tons of suggestions for you inside the guides and resources, but I will never tell what to do. This is not a "fixing naps" program, it is an understand naps one.

FB Group for Peer-Support (and Beta testing of a in-built community, if FB is not your thing)

Meet like-minded parents sharing a similar journey.

Mariana Castaman

Hey there!

I’m Mariana, a Registered COSP™ Facilitator, Matrescence Guide, Pediatric Sleep and Wellbeing specialist, breastfeeding educator, and a conscious parenting enthusiastic. I am a mama to two little ones, a former ECE who specializes in Infants and Toddlers, currently finishing my Psychology degree. I'm so glad you are here :)