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Night Weaning the Responsive Way - A Guide and a Village for Moms

Empowering you to make gradual nighttime changes while preserving the parent-child relationship

Are you ready to start laying the foundation for less night time nursing sessions but not sure how to get started?

Don't worry! I am here to hold your hand through the process.

Here's how it works:  When you purchase the guide, you immediately get access to all the resources you need to get started, a peer-support group and a free-pass to my Night Weaning the Responsive Way Webinar (September 30th at 5 pm PST).  

 We will reflect together and YOU choose if you want to put it in practice right away, break the process into gentle easy steps, or simply rest in the fact that you know how you would like to conduce the process and wait until the right time comes (you will have access to the platform for 3 months, including the webinar replay, and guides can be downloaded for you to keep).

I designed this resource to support you and your toddler (12 months +), by first empowering you to lead the changes when the time is right for you. I have many ideas to share from a responsive parenting perspective, but most of all, my focus is to preserve the parent-child relationship through such a big change.

I would like to make sure you know that YOU decide wether or not, you and your child are ready to night wean completely, or simply reduce feedings at night while continuing to be responsive and supportive to your little one's needs. And hey! You DON'T have to stop feeding your child to sleep...Yep! I said that. That's YOUR decision.

Night Weaning can be a very emotional ride, I remember feeling that I was done...but was I really? Will I miss that bonding time? What if I regret?

That's why I created this offering, because I want you to feel empowered to make the changes you are ready for and also feel good about them.

But then I thought... What if we could get together to discuss Night Weaning, Motherhood, and Child Development? That's when I created this version of my Night Weaning the Responsive Way (Guide + Webinar + Peer-Support Community).

Are you coming with me? Grab a coffee (or tea) and let's dive in! I promise we will have a good time and you will feel empowered to implement the changes you are ready to make.


 Signs of readiness for Night Weaning (for you and your child)
Night Weaning and Highly Sensitivity
Journal Prompts to help you through the process
What changes represent for children
Emotions, frustrations and the role of co-regulation
Getting ready for changes (setting the stage for peaceful transitions)
Toddlerhood: Boundaries with compassion
Is your partner on board? The bonding bridge
Temperament & Sleep
Sleep Arrangements (Transitions)
Night Weaning Responsively: Know all your options and choose what works for you

WHAT IS INCLUDED - Webinar Replay is available


Yes! At the moment the replay is already available since it took place in September 30th, 2021. 

Yes! Come in. This is for you too!

Yes, it is totally possible! And another yes to "you can continue to bedshare". 

The group is mainly for peer-support, but I will do my best to support all of you. If I see that you are having more questions than I covered during the webinar, I will schedule a FB LIVE. Also, after your 3 months access to this platform ends, you are welcome to continue in the FB group. 

You can expect feeling confident and empowered to make changes, while being surrounded by other like-minded moms who are in this process with you.  In my experience as a Sleep Specialist for over 5 years now, every dyad has their own time. I will share with you everything I know, but you are the one who will lead the process in your time while being respectful and responsive to your child. Every parent has a different reason  

You'll have 3 months to access the course, download the guides and watch/rewatch the webinar. However, you are more than welcome to stay in the FB group for as long as you wish. 

Mariana Castaman

Hey there!

I’m Mariana, a Registered COSP™ Facilitator, Matrescence Guide, Pediatric Sleep and Wellbeing specialist, breastfeeding educator, and a conscious parenting enthusiastic. I am a mama to two little ones, a former ECE who specializes in Infants and Toddlers, currently finishing my Psychology degree. I'm so glad you are here :) 

Night Weaning Webinar

Free pass to my Webinar. Replay will be available for the duration of your enrollment (3 months).

Online Community

Access to a Facebook Community of Mamas who are on the same page, Night Weaning Responsively.  

Reflection, Connection & Consciousness 

Take a moment to reflect about your parenting values so you can support your little one through changes with confidence and respect

Temperament & Sleep Guide

Learn more about your child's temperament, and how it impacts sleep and adaptation

Extra Resources & Bonuses

My 1:1 clients know how passionate I am about sharing ALL the tools I have to support you on your parenting journey. Well, I simply couldn't leave my library of resources behind. I hope you enjoy!

Audio File and Transcripts

I know you are busy! For this reason I recorded part of the course so you can listen and save some time for the workbooks.